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Action Fitness is known all the fitness equipment’s over the world as "The fitness providers company" - a company that has helped to develop the hedonistic concept of "fitness" into a true lifestyle: Wellness. If you are living the lifestyle which involves the "Wellness” then you are indulging yourself with the physical activities which provide you with the proper nutrition, physical exercises and a positive mental and smart attitude.

Our aim

We at Action Fitness are always welcome our customers to live better and achieves the utmost lifestyle which gives you the possible benefits and provides you with the best gym and trampoline types of equipment. With our latest designs and technology, we have our supplies which are great in flexibility and to make your life better and superior. With our quality supplies, we are providing the best possible gym equipment, facilities, content and programmes, all of which use expertise to connect to one another so that you can experience wellness no matter. Indeed, we have various supplies with our equipment which a person can find with their own stability and comfort.

What do we do?

We offer the largest market of trampolines at Christchurch NZ you the modularity of the resolutions that Action Fitness offers, wellness specialists who are connected with us provides our clients to enjoy the same wellness related skill anywhere. In order to achieve this, Action Fitness provides the best fitness equipment operatives with all the tools which are customer requires starting from the financial services to equipment leadership, supplying from the base equipment to full range spare parts we assist you with every detail and assistance requires to you at your every step.

Types of equipment’s we have

Taking further with the different types and comfort access to the world's and complete range of trampolines, with the different styles which according to your choice. The quality of Action Fitness products is also a direct result of the eras of skill, which are providing our customer’s the different types of qualities range of products. those who are choosing the Action Fitness products can have assured that they are using the best equipment of the very uppermost level, just like an expert athlete. Our customers are thankful to the extensive range of our products and solutions which are available at our Action Fitness and is able to help people attain their sporting and wellbeing goals.

• Capital Play in Ground-Sunken Trampolines- These trampoline flushes to the ground and enclosed with a zip to the ground, and provide you with the full and half net options. The sizes are available with the options of the circle and a rectangular one.

• Primus Premium Commercial in ground Trampolines- these are our top range of trampoline which is used by beginners to top athletes. It perfectly suits and fits in the ground, and is wheelchair accessible.

• Gallus Commercial Trampolines- These are the best and reaches around the 14ft above the ground level, these trampolines are covered with net around itself.

Jumpking and Bazoongi Round and Oval Trampolines- these trampolines come in two variant shapes round and oval, and also provides the net safety around the whole trampoline area.

• Tanita Body Measures and Kitchen Sales- these are the body weight measures equipment’s and kitchen items measures sales which are vital for the correct and accurate measurement.

• Trampoline Spares, Mats, Safety Pads, Springs, Safety Nets- We have also the extensive range of different parts of various equipment’s, which gives you the extra safety to make a smart choice.


The standing of maintenance when it comes to quality fitness often ignored, but presenting and following to a steady cleaning programme is perhaps one of the first and most significant steps in extending the life of your equipment.

Action Fitness service support

We at Action Fitness offers a full range of fitness equipment service at Christchurch with our quality service packages. Our engineers are strictly capable and fully trained on an inclusive range of products. An added advantage is that a team of popular engineers are full-time workers of Action Fitness, which results in very high levels of product information and consequently have a highly devoted service. Qualified, industry-skilled customer care and practical support staff are an extra essential part of our after-sales service if distant support to our field facility team as well as our customers.

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